"Creo que este juego de inversiones entre lo interior subjetivo y lo exterior, entre la vida y lo inerte, entre el peso de la gravedad y la levedad del papel que sube y se hace envolvente, es el gran logro de la propuesta de Maayan Iungman, un tremendo ejercicio de poesía visual especialmente indicado para paladares sutiles y con ganas de explorar el matiz de los dramas íntimos del espíritu. Indispensable contrapunto a las formas más rotundas de la figuración titiritera explícita."

titeresante - Toni Rumbau

fimo festival 2019

kotorski festival (2019)

kotorski festival (2019)

By Georg Patzer, photo by Elimar Schwartz

By Andreas Juettner- BNN, photo by Boaz Arad

By Georg Patzer, Die Rheinpfalz

Photo by Udo Jansen

Photo by Kasia Chmura-Cegiełkowska for "Puppet is a human too" Festival, Warsaw 2015

Wiesbadener Kurier

Wiesbadener Kurier

“A celebration of fantasy.

 The charme of the french film Amélie"

-by Mounia Meiborg-


"Sensual silent poetic paper theatre"

-by Lilli Vostr-


"A delicate dream. Fascinating from the beginning to the end - for adults and children." 

-by Gunnar Lammert-Türk-

Die Kirche

"She presents the creative torture. The way to release creativity is the rejection of all restrictions and leave space for free imagination." 

-by Szymon Spichalski-

Teatre Dla Was

„Niyar – A Paper Tale” is a great show of free imagination, like a child's enthusiasm shaping material. The unique show is expressed without any words. A symbolic story of meeting and separation. It is almost the purity of beauty - that inspires.”

-by Karolina Augustyniak-

Dziennik Teatralny

“Niyar was a poetic door to a world I didn’t know and is now one of the most inspirational theater plays I’ve ever seen. A great example to see, that you can create wonderful things out of the most simple ones.” 

-by Amelie Donce-

les iconiques

"Sometimes we enter a story so deeply, that it becomes our world...

One of the most beautiful puppet theatre works I have ever seen." 

-by Ayelet Dekel-

Midnight East